July 5th, 2017


VCC General Contractor

On June 28th was the official inauguration of the new administrative offices of VCC General Contractor. This major investment was also rewarded at the Gala of Chambre de commerce de la Vallée-de-l'Or last April. The event took place directly at VCC General Contractor new offices, where more than 150 guests were able to visit the office and meet the various actors of the company.

President Gull explained during his speech that the goal of the company is to build the future and create value. "It also shows that the Cree companies can have an economic impact, as much as any company from the south, in Val-d'Or."

The new building brings together the administrative departments, the project managers as well as the purchasing and logistics. The overall management of projects will be facilitated by the consolidation of all services in one central point at the cutting edge of technology. The investment in these new offices allows a greater visibility of the company and a better corporate image.